Accelerate Marker-Assisted Selection, Breeding and Traceability Programs

Presenter: Frederic Antigny from Eurofins Genomics

In this webinar, Frederic talks about how to AccelerateMarker-Assisted Selection, Breeding and Traceability Programs. For almost two decades, Eurofins have been using Standard BioTools microfluidic technology for various agricultural applications from crops to animal breeders. He further explains:

Eurofins' genotyping workflow and how it has been scaled up to absorb massive volumes
Applications for livestock genetics like pathogen screening and trait/inherited disorder panels
Applications for plants genetics like Marker Assisted Breeding and genetic purity testing

Watch this webinar, to learn how this approach can complement and diversify your current genotyping capabilities and how Eurofins can become an outsourcing partner for any agricultural genomics project, regardless of sample volume and with extremely rapid turn around times.