How the Biomark HD System Enhances the TruGraf Gene Expression Test for Kidney Rejection

Subclinical acute rejection (subAR) is a significant risk for kidney transplant recipients, affecting 1 in 4 patients. Early detection of subAR can help prevent long-term allograft damage, including the loss of the graft. Until recently, the standard of care for detecting subAR in kidney transplant recipients was a regular invasive surveillance biopsy, which is painful and inconvenient for patients. In 2019, Transplant Genomics launched the TruGraf® gene expression assay on a microarray-based platform. It's a non-invasive blood test that looks for signs of immune activation before rejection sets in, allowing healthcare providers to confidently rule out subAR. Recently, Transplant Genomics moved the TruGraf test to the Standard BioTools™ Biomark™ HD platform; the increased sensitivity of PCR methodology enhances the TruGraf performance metrics, offering significant analytical benefits.

In this complimentary webinar, Juston Weems, PhD, Director of Research and Development for Transplant Genomics, and Standard BioTools will present recently published data on how switching to Biomark HD improved specimen collection, assay speed and accuracy – dramatically improving the sensitivity of the TruGraf test.