Agricultural Genomics Solutions for Crop and Animal Sciences | Ganesh Babu, PhD

24 June 2020

Presented by Ganesh Babu, PhD., Field Applications Scientist, Fluidigm Corporation.

Genomics solutions are versatile, high-value tools for crop and animal sciences. Harnessing the power of our core competency in nanoscale microfluidics, Fluidigm supports the needs of the agricultural and animal genomics communities.

In this webinar, we discuss various genomics methods positioned for mid-to-low-density high-throughput marker screening. These methods include SNP genotyping, amplicon library prep for genotyping by sequencing (GBS), high-throughput gene expression studies and targeted DNA-seq and RNA-seq NGS library preparation.

Backed by our core competencies in microfluidics, we help laboratories scale reliably while retaining the robustness and flexibility of their analysis workflow.