Striving for the best seeds SNP genotyping with microfluidics and the ASSIST PLUS

Presenters: Jean-Philippe Pichaut, EMEA Quality Control and Seed Technology Manager, and
Manon Vendredi, Genotyping Technician from Sakata Vegetables Europe

In this webinar, learn how Jean-Philippe and his team have successfully employed Standard BioTools high-throughput qPCR genotyping assays and INTEGRA pipetting solutions to standardize and simplify the QC workflow in their laboratory. 

Sakata Vegetables Europe is a seed company specialized in breeding and production for vegetable seeds. A new lab was built in France (Les Ponts de-Cé) in order to continuously analyze plant physiology, germination rates, seed health and genetic data to ensure only the best quality seed is supplied to customers. To do so, they needed technologies which could rapidly adjust to an exponential increase in the number of samples for QC testing while maintaining high and consistent levels of robustness.