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Development, validation & implementation of custom genotyping panels using microfluidics technology

Jessica McDevitt, MS
Associate Director, Development Projects
Infinity BiologiX

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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A leader in state-of-the-art molecular testing technology, Infinity BiologiX LLC (IBX) uses microfluidics to perform more than 200,000 genotyping reactions a day. IBX uses the Fluidigm Dynamic Array™ integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) for daily functional quality control and a variety of custom genomic panels. Dynamic Array offers an alternative to plate-based genotyping and gene expression methods. One 96.96 Dynamic Array can perform 9,216 individual reactions in just under 4 hours, the equivalent of running 24 individual 384-well plates. With nanoliter reactions, expensive reagents are conserved, data is delivered quickly, and hands-on time is reduced. High-quality data from microfluidics-based methods is consistent, and panels are highly customizable. Using multiple configurations, IBX can meet a variety of research needs with speed and accuracy. IBX has developed a variety of custom panels using Fluidigm’s microfluidics technology, providing new methods to optimize throughput and provide high-quality data to clients.