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Biomark X. The new benchmark in genomics.

Biomark X. an intuitive and transformative real-time PCR platform––maximizes productivity with minimal effort.
Real-time PCR, also referred to as rt PCR or quantitative PCR (qPCR) has become the standard in many labs for accurate, sensitive, and precise detection of both DNA and RNA targets. For many researchers who employ this technology, automated workflows provide the added benefits of cost savings, ease of use, and standardization. Enter the Biomark X, a transformative real-time PCR platform built on proven microfluidics technology to seize the power of real-time PCR across a broad range of applications.

Intuitive – Guided user interface and streamlined operations minimize time spent by team members
Powerful – Broad applications with a small footprint generates maximum data output
Integrated – Automated workflow with sample-to-answer solutions consolidated on a single platform

Proven microfluidics technology
Integrated Fluidic Circuits (IFCs) form the backbone of the Biomark X system, supporting different configurations of samples and assays for multiple applications. Each Dynamic Array™ IFC is precision manufactured to exacting standards of performance and reliability. Fluidigm IFCs empower genomics research by automating molecular biology in nanoliter volumes. These reduced reaction volumes mean using less of your precious samples and assay reagents to lower cost and achieve the high-quality, consistent results your work depends on.

Broad range of applications

Biomark X together with a portfolio of IFCs and reagent kits facilitate a broad range of applications and throughput needs using real-time PCR. The versatility of the platform allows both standard assays such as the Advanta™ Sample ID Genotyping Panel as well as custom assays produced using the D3 design services. Additional assays and sample-to-answer solutions are also available through a Developers Program that delivers customized assay design, panel design and automated solutions.

Power your potential
With the heightened ability to move readily from challenging questions to meaningful answers, Biomark X empowers more informed research decisions with efficiency and agility.
Remarkable efficiency
A modern ‘load and run’ user interface provides ease of use and software guided operations for walk-up usability with minimal training.
• An intuitive interface for an effortless user experience
• Guided step-by-step operations with minimal operator intervention needed
• Automated setup and continuous processing consolidated on a single platform
Hallmark of performance -
The facilitated workflow allows simple loading of each IFC, and Biomark X handles washing, pre-amplification, sample mixing, real-time PCR and reporting, enabling earlier discovery and informed decision-making.
• All-in-one platform includes liquid handling, IFC controller and processing, real-time PCR applications and reports
• Capability to rapidly collect large amounts of data, up to 192 datapoints, from every sample
• And up to 9,216 datapoints per run
Markedly unique
Biomark X offers optimum throughput with a minimum required lab space, maximizing the real estate in your lab by packing the ultimate in power into a very small area.
• IFC design enables flexibility for more targets per sample and more single reactions per run
• Revolutionary sample-to-answer workflow uses minimal reaction volume
• Radically streamlined laboratory operations empower ultimate productivity
Make your mark
The technology supports development and creation of custom assays, leveraging the powerful benefits of Biomark X into a wide range of real-time PCR testing and investigation options.
• Upfront flexibility enables future applications on the same instrument platform
• Compatible with multiple SNP genotyping and gene expression applications
• The Developers Program enables customized sample-to-answer solutions

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